The Hague, November 10, 2011 (FH) - After ten hours of cross-examination before the International Criminal Court (ICC), former militiaman Mathieu Ngudjolo, visibly exhausted, slumped down in tears on Thursday accusing the Prosecution of "protecting Kabila and Museveni".

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Ngujolo, who has been testifying in his own defence since October 27, is charged with crimes against humanity committed in Bogoro (Eastern DRC) on February 24, 2003. A nurse by training, he contends that he was not in Bogoro that day but in the neighboring village of Kambutso where he was assisting a midwife in a difficult delivery.

Cross-examined by Deputy Prosecutor Eric McDonald, Ngujolo admitted to the existence of child soldiers in Ituri, explaining that "this doesn't it mean that every militia was using them". He denied all charges of rape and sexual abuses. "Tell me which witness, which girl was brought before the court to speak about rape and sexual violence? (...) The Prosecutor is trying to convict me by all means", he said.

Exhausted, he suddenly burst into tears. "[The Prosecutor] protects Kabila and Museveni, who are the real authors of these crimes", he claimed, adding: "Why would I be convicted without any evidence, on mere hearsay from the international community? No, Mr. President, I don't agree with that."

Mathieu Ngudjolo was arrested in February 2008.


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