Arusha, December 10, 2011(FH) -The Appeals Chamber of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) is expected to deliver next week two judgments, including that of the considered mastermind of the 1994 Rwandan genocide, Colonel Theoneste Bagosora, and conduct appeals hearing involving two other individuals. Whereas State Parties of the International Criminal Court (ICC) are set to elect new judges and prosecutor of the Court.

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Two appeals judgments on Wednesday: On December 14, the ICTR Appeals Chamber is due to deliver appeals judgments in the case of two former Rwandan senior military officials, including the alleged mastermind of the 1994 genocide, Colonel Théoneste Bagosora and his colleague Lieutenant Colonel Anatole Nsengiyumva. The other judgment involve ex-senior Rwandan official, Dominique Ntawukulilyayo.

Bagosora, former Director of Cabinet in the Defence Ministry and Nsengiyumva, who was in charge of military operations in Gisenyi, are appealing against life imprisonment sentences imposed on them on December 18, 2008 after being convicted of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. For Ntawukulilyayo, who was deputy governor of Gisagara in Butare prefecture, South Rwanda in 1994, is appealing the August 3, 2010 decision in which he was convicted of genocide and sentenced to 25 years in jail for his role in the April 23, 1994 massacres of Tutsi refugees at Kabuye hill in the prefecture.

Appeals hearing for Kanyarukiga and Hategekimana: The ICTR Appeals Chamber is due to hear an appeal for Rwandan former businessman Gaspard Kanyarukiga and ex-Commander of Ngoma military camp in Butare prefecture, southern Rwanda, Lieutenant Ildephonse Hategekimana, on December 14 and 15, respectively.

Hategekimana is appealing a life sentence imposed on him by the lower court on December 6, 2010, for genocide and crimes against humanity (murder and rape), for ordering the massacres of Tutsis who had sought refuge at the Ngoma church in Butare prefecture.

Regarding Kanyarukiga, the lower court convicted him of genocide and extermination as a crime against humanity on November 1, 2010. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison for his role in massacres of Tutsis at Nyange Parish in Kivumu commune, Kibuye prefecture (western Rwanda), on April 16, 1994.   


State parties to elect ICC new Prosecutor on Monday: States Parties of the ICC are set to elect Gambian woman, Fatou Bensouda, as the next new Prosecutor on December 12, at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. She will assume the post in June 2012, when Luis Moreno Ocampo's term ends.     

Election of ICC judges on Tuesday: The Assembly of States Parties of the ICC will, on December 12, elect six new judges out of 19 nominated candidates. The new judges will serve non-renewable terms of nine years.   


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