Paris, July 3, 2012 (FH) – Delegation of a French unit specialized in crimes against humanity - including genocide, arrived Monday night in Kigali, to meet Rwanda General Prosecutor and the heads of the Genocide fugitive tracking unit.

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French Judiciary spokesman said that would be a regular mission led by an examining judge, as part of an ongoing judicial inquiry. However, the delegation will include French prosecutor Aurelia Devos, who is in charge of the special unit cases, all the unit investigative officers and their commandant.

Since January 2010, French “gendarmes” have already performed about 20 rogatory letters in Rwanda. Recently, they were given supplementary means which have not been disclosed yet.

In March, Prosecutor General Martin Ngoga sent home a French rogatory commission to protest France's slow handling of genocide cases. The commission had come to investigate cases of Rwandans living in France who are accused of participating in the 1994 genocide.

There are about 20 cases in France of Rwandans under investigation for alleged participation in the genocide, but no trial has yet been started.