Arusha, October 11, 2012 (FH) - The President of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Judge Sang-Hyun Song, has submitted to the Assembly of States Parties names of 11 candidates, including two Africans, to vie for the post of Registrar of the Court.

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According to ICC statement, Judge Song presented the list of the aspirants to the President of the Assembly on October 9, 2012. Initially, 67 persons had applied for the post. The ICC Registrar is elected by an absolute majority of the judges for a term of five years, and is eligible for re-election

 The candidates include the current Registrar Silvana Arbia (Italy), Alia Aoun (France/Lebanon); Giancarlo Roberto Bellelli (Italy) and John Hocking (Australia). Others are Ralph Martens (Germany); Ngonlardje Kabra Mbaidjol (Chad); Lyn Parker (United Kingdom); Jocelyn Pierre (France); Daniel Didier Preira (Senegal/France); Claudio Santorum (Argentina/Spain); and Herman von Hebel (Netherlands).

 The ICC Rules of Procedure and Evidence provide that the Presidency composed of Court’s President and his two Vice-Presidents shall establish a list of candidates and transmit it to the Assembly of States Parties with a request for any recommendations.

 Upon receipt of any such recommendations from the Assembly of States Parties, the judges, acting under the terms of the Rome Statute, and in accordance with the procedure laid down in the Rules, shall elect the Registrar by an absolute majority by secret ballot.