“Who will testify to Kosovo tribunal?” asks the man who exposed organ trafficking

“Who will testify to Kosovo tribunal?” asks the man who exposed organ trafficking©University of Neuchâtel
Dick Marty speaking at Neuchâtel University on April 26, 2017
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Former Swiss prosecutor Dick Marty this week spoke publicly for the first time in years about his explosive December 2010 report on illegal human organ trafficking in Kosovo. He was speaking to a “Carrefour de Sarajevo” forum at Neuchâtel University, attended by a numerous public. 

In his report Marty (who is also on the board of  Fondation Hirondelle, owner of JusticeInfo.net) pointed the finger at current President of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, accused of being “one of the most dangerous sponsors of the Albanian criminal underworld”. The report says that the Kosovo president and his close aides “ordered, and in some cases personally oversaw a certain number of assassinations, detentions, attacks and interrogations in various regions of Kosovo, notably at the time of UCK (Kosovo Liberation Army) operations on Albanian territory between 1998 and 2000.”

Dick Marty, who was mandated three times to investigate for the European Council on secret CIA prisons in Europe, crimes in the northern Caucasus and organ trafficking in Kosovo in 1999, got to view in the process the cynicism of  Realpolitik and interests of State. This Wednesday evening he admitted he had been “shaken” by the production of these three reports which “destroyed many of the illusions and hopes that I had in justice. I discovered that governments lie and manipulate information, that people say one thing and do another. They talk about human rights on Sunday and on Monday they violate them.” 

With regard to the report alleging organ trafficking by UCK leaders including the current President of Kosovo, Marty said he was astonished that former Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) Carla del Ponte only raised the issue in her 2008 book “Madame Prosecutor: Confrontations with Humanity's Worst Criminals and the Culture of Impunity”, i.e. four years after her office had failed to shine a light on these allegations. He says it was even more astonishing when in 2010 he asked to see the evidence that ICTY prosecutors had gathered on organ trafficking and was told that “this evidence had mysteriously disappeared from the Office of the Prosecutor”.

For Marty, justice on this issue is an illusion. “The Americans have given priority to short-term stability,” he says. “Along with the Europeans they closed their eyes, although they all knew perfectly well about the crimes committed in Kosovo and who was responsible.”

In a few days, the Kosovo Specialist Chambers should become operational, with a mandate to prosecute those responsible for the organ trafficking revealed by Dick Marty. But he does not expect much from this first tribunal created by the European Union. “In these conditions, who will be mad enough to testify, 20 years after the crimes were committed?” he asks. “Many witnesses have already been assassinated.”