Gambian rapper tells of concerns in the post-Jammeh era

Gambian rapper tells of concerns in the post-Jammeh era©Maxime Domegni
Gambian rapper artist « Kila Ace »
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Under Yahya Jammeh's regime, members of the youth movement "Gomsabopa" (believe in yourself) had to flee Gambia at one point to neighbouring Senegal. They also contributed to the "war effort" against Yahya Jammeh at the end of 2016, actively participating in the "Coalition 2016" that helped bring new president Adama Barrow to power. In the "New Gambia", they revel in a new political environment where there is freedom of opinion and expression. Yet now they fear the new Gambian administration is developing a liking for certain practices they fought against, such as tribalism, nepotism and squandering of public resources. This, they think, could compromise peaceful coexistence in The Gambia after Yahya Jammeh. Their leader, rapper Killa Ace, talked to JusticeInfo in this exclusive interview.