How to “take a local story and make it a global issue” with digital tools, by Bukkey Shonibbare from “Bring Back Our Girls” Movement

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“How a local story of girls who have been abducted in an unknown community called Chibok became important and everyone across the world was talking about it”, Bukkey Shonibbare, founder “Girl Child Africa” and one the leaders of Bring-Back Our Girls Movement in Nigeria, explains it in this video. The abducted Chibok girls and the campaign #BringBackOurGirls became a global concern, thanks to digital tools, especially Twitter. And Shonibbare was one those civil society leaders who, even from their phone, succeeded to mobilise the whole world on this matter and push the Nigerian government, hesitant at the beginning, to finally take action. Although some girls are still missing, this campaign, one of the most popular from Africa, shows how the good use of digital tools can bring result.