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Election of the ICC Prosecutor: Here is your vote!

The result of the non-official vote organised by Justice Info on the sidelines of the upcoming International Criminal Court Prosecutor election is clear: British candidate Karim Khan is the big favourite of our readers with 34% of votes compared with 14 % for the second favourite, Fergal Gaynor of Ireland. Then come Spanish candidate Carlos Castresana Fernandez (12%), French candidate Brigitte Raynaud (10%), in joint position Canadians Robert Petit and Richard Roy (8% each), Ugandan Susan Okalany (7 %), Italian Francesco Lo Voi (5%) and finally US-Nigerian Morris Anyah (2%). This purely informative poll gathered 309 votes from an audience estimated to be mainly transitional justice experts, on five continents. Karim Khan came first on all continents except America which largely preferred Carlos Castresana Fernandez. 

Election of the ICC Prosecutor: Here is your vote!
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This article, initially published on 7 December (including a voting form open until 11 December) was updated on 14 December, when the results of your votes were announced.

The event only takes place every nine years. The third Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) is to be appointed this month by the Assembly of States Parties meeting in New York. The election process has been chaotic and there is uncertainty as to who will be the winner. There are nine candidates to run for the post for the next nine years. Each of them was interviewed publicly. These hearings are available online on the ICC website. Justice Info believes it is important to understand the geographical origin and distribution of votes within its readership, which is made up of both experts and populations affected by the crimes dealt with by the future Prosecutor. We have therefore decided to give you a chance to vote.

The results of your votes

From Monday 7 to Friday 11 December, you voted for your favourite candidate. Thank you to all participants!

Here are the results synthesized in an infographic.

Ranking of candidates for the position of ICC Prosecutor (Justice Info poll/voting on the occasion of the elections)
One out of three respondents favoured Britain's Karim Khan (pictured) in Justice Info's informative poll on the sidelines of the election of the third prosecutor of the International Criminal Court. © JusticeInfo.net

This people’s vote is unofficial. Only States Parties to the ICC have the right to vote. It is organised by secret ballot. Justice Info only knows two things from you: your choice of candidate and your geographical origin (if you mentioned it). Online voting was open from Monday 7 December to Friday 11 December at 12 noon (time zone: GMT+01.00 - Central European Time).

The 9 candidates

Below is a short biography of each of the candidates, prepared by our contributor in The Hague, Stéphanie Maupas.