ICC prosecutor urges Russia to cooperate on Ukraine probe: AFP interview

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Russia should cooperate with the International Criminal Court's investigation into alleged war crimes carried out during Moscow's invasion of Ukraine, the tribunal's prosecutor told AFP on Friday.

"The invitation is there. My door is open, and I will also keep knocking on the door of the Russian Federation," ICC prosecutor Karim Khan said in an interview at the Hague-based court.

"If there are allegations that the Russian Federation have, if there's information that they have, if they are conducting their own investigations or prosecutions or have information that's relevant -- share it with us."

Russia is not a member of the ICC, set up in 2002 to prosecute the world's worst crimes, and had declined to cooperate so far, Khan said.

Ukraine is not an ICC member either but it has accepted the court's jurisdiction, and is working with Khan's office as it probes possible war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Russia says allegations of war crimes by its troops are fake, and Russian President Vladimir Putin justified the February 24 invasion by saying that Ukraine was overseeing a "genocide" in the east of the country.

"If one makes those allegations, cooperate, share the information, cooperate with us," said Khan.

"If there's been fake news, we will expose the fake news."