Switzerland drops war crimes case against ex-Algerian minister

    Switzerland said Wednesday that it had no grounds to charge former Algerian defence minister Khaled Nezzar with war crimes, the latest twist in a controversial five-year-old case. The Swiss attorney general's office (OAG) said it could not move forward with a trial because there was no conclusive evidence of a "conflict" in Algeria during the period in question, leaving a key condition for prosecution unfulfilled. Nezzar was in office from 1990 to 1994 when the military was battling an Islamist opposition in a bloody civil war. Algerian troops were accused of committing grave abuses during the fighting, including torture and summary executions. Nezzar was arrested in Switzerland in...

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    Olfa Belhassine, Tunis correspondent

    Mouloud Boumghar is an Algerian lawyer and Professor in Public Law at the Jules Verne University in Picardy (France). His research centres on violations of human rights and impunity, notably since the publication at the end of the Algerian civil war of the “Charter for National Peace and Reconciliation”. interviewed him at the beginning of June in Tunis, where he was the guest of the Contemporary Maghreb Research Institute (IRMC). JusticeInfo.Net: What are the main points of the 2005 “Charter for National Peace and Reconciliation”? Mouloud Boumghar: It’s a text drawn up by...

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