Key points in Colombia-FARC deal on post-conflict justice

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The Colombian government and FARC rebels signed a breakthrough agreement Wednesday on bringing justice for crimes committed during their half-century conflict.

Here are key points of the deal:

- The creation of special courts and a Peace Tribunal to try crimes related to the conflict.

- The new courts will have jurisdiction over all participants in the conflict, including government forces.

- The goal of the courts will be to prevent impunity for abuses committed during the war, contribute to reparations for victims, punish perpetrators and uncover the truth in a complex conflict that has drawn in government forces, leftist guerrillas, right-wing paramilitaries and drug traffickers.

- Once hostilities end, the government will extend an amnesty for all political and related crimes.

- Crimes against humanity, war crimes, genocide and other grave violations will be excluded from the amnesty.

- Those who admit their crimes will get reduced sentences of five to eight years in relaxed detention conditions.

- Those who admit their crimes past a given deadline will get the same sentences, but in ordinary prisons.

. Those who do not admit their crimes will face full trials and sentences of up to 20 years.

- FARC fighters can only access the special courts once they have disarmed, which must begin within 60 days of the signing of a final peace accord.