Arusha, September 30, 2011 (FH) -The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) this week  acquitted two Rwandan ex-ministers and sentenced two others to 30 years In prison for their role in the 1994 genocide. Kenya's Deputy Prime Minister defended himself before the International Criminal Court as confirmation of charges hearings continued for him and two other senior Kenyan officials.

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Two ex-Rwandan ministers convicted as two others acquitted: The UN Tribunal Friday ordered the released with immediate effect of two former Rwandan ministers, Casimir Bizimungu (Health) and Jerome Bicamumpaka (Foreign Affairs)  for lack of sufficient evidence. However, it convicted two other former ministers, Justin Mugenzi (Trade) and Prosper Mugiraneza (Civil Service) for conspiracy and direct and public incitement to commit genocide. They were both sentenced to 30 years in jail.

Confirmation of sentences for Setako and Munyakazi: The Appeals Chamber Wednesday confirmed the sentences of 25 years imprisonment for ex-military officer Ephrem Setako and former businessman Yussuf Munyakazi after dismissal of their respective appeals. The Chamber also convicted Setako of an additional count of murder but said this did not warrant increasing his sentence.

Hearing of appeals case of Ntawukulilyayo and Major Ntabakuze: There was also an Appeals hearing in the cases of former Rwandan Deputy Governor, Domique Ntawukulilyayo and that of Major Aloys Ntabakuze in which both convicts challenged their sentences of 25 years and life imprisonment respectively, handed down by the lower court.


Kenya's Deputy Prime Minister denies links with Mungiki: Kenya's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Uhuru Kenyatta Thursday denied having any connections with the politico-religious group known as Mungiku who allegedly spread violence after the 2007 presidential election in Kenya. He was speaking before the International criminal Court during ongoing confirmation of charges hearings involving him and two other senior officials. The prosecution alleges that Kenyatta gave the  Mungiki 30 million Kenyan shillings (220,00 Euros) during the presidential inauguration ceremony on December 30, 2007.

Katanga testifies in his own defence: Former Congolese militia leader Germain Katanga on Tuesday  started testifying in his own defence. He is charged with crimes against humanity and war crimes for his role in the attack on Bogoro (Ituri, eastern DRC) on February 24, 2003, when over 200 people were massacred.


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