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Can the French Church "repair" its crimes?

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Will the Church in France "pay" for its crimes? And what can it do to "repair" them? These are burning questions at the start of 2022, after an explosive report on October 5 on sexual abuse in the Church, a massive and systemic crime, now officially recognized by the Church. No less than two reparation bodies have been set up, to which victims can now present themselves. Some ask for money, others for a face-to-face meeting with the institution to which the abuser belonged, or to be registered as a victim. And some are demanding trials and convictions in court. In this video, Justice Info looks at how the work of a commission led to this major transitional justice event in France, and at the shockwaves it has caused.

Clémentine Méténier

Featuring our correspondent in France Clémentine Méténier

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Des religieux (en petit format) sont alignés pour se confesser tout à tour à l'oreille d'un membre de l'Eglise (en grand format) qui se cache un oeil tandis qu'il écoute d'une oreille. Illustration © Thomas Azuelos for JusticeInfo.net

The scale of sexual crimes committed by members of the Catholic Church poses an unprecedented justice challenge for many countries on several continents. A multitude of transitional justice mechanisms are at work to uncover the truth about these crimes, bring accountability and provide redress to victims. The Church, the judiciary and governments have initiated commissions of enquiry, truth commissions and trials. Revelations follow one another, identifying tens of thousands of victims and thousands of perpetrators of sexual abuse committed over decades. Justice Info sheds light on this very sensitive and often innovative justice system in the face of an extraordinary institutional crime. DISCOVER THE SPECIAL FOCUS


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