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The Church and its sexual crimes

The scale of sexual crimes committed by members of the Catholic Church poses an unprecedented justice challenge for many countries on several continents. A multitude of transitional justice mechanisms are at work to uncover the truth about these crimes, bring accountability and provide redress to victims. The Church, the judiciary and governments have initiated commissions of enquiry, truth commissions and trials. Revelations follow one another, identifying tens of thousands of victims and thousands of perpetrators of sexual abuse committed over decades. Justice Info sheds light on this very sensitive and often innovative justice system in the face of an extraordinary institutional crime.

Reparations for sexual abuse in the Church: Victims' discontent grows  

In France, Almost a year after the publication of a shocking report by France’s Independent Commission on Sexual Abuse in the Church, the reparations promised to victims are hardly materializing. Victims point to the flaws of the two reparation institutions promised by the Church, including long waiting periods, lack of transparency on compensation, and professional […]
By Clémentine Méténier, for Justice Info
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Religious people (in small format) are lined up to confess in turn to the ear of a church member (in large format) who hides one eye while listening with one ear.
Illustration : © Thomas Azuelos for JusticeInfo.net