Claude Sengenya

Democratic Republic of Congo

Claude Muhindo Sengenya is Justice Info’s correspondent in the DRC. He is a trained professional journalist interested in humanitarian, security and transitional justice issues in the African Great Lakes region. He is a researcher and journalism teacher at the Université de l'Assomption au Congo (UAC), run by the Augustinians of the Assumption. He also works for other online media, including The New Humanitarian (ex-IRIN) and Actualité.cd. His articles cover the dynamics of conflict, peace initiatives, justice and reconciliation, to help rebuild post-conflict societies like the DRC.

Ugandan reparations: $325 million that baffle the Congolese
On February 9, the International Court of Justice set the final amount that Uganda should pay the Democratic Republic of Congo for the damage caused by its military intervention in 1998-2003. But in Butembo, in North Kivu where so many crimes took place, these reparations are getting a wary reception.
By Claude Sengenya, our correspondent in the Democratic Republic of Congo
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