Janet H. Anderson

International courts / Podcast partner

Janet H Anderson is one of JusticeInfo’s correspondents in The Hague. As a freelance journalist she's been covering international justice - Rwanda, The Hague, Sierra Leone, Uganda - for several decades. Janet trains and supports locally-based journalists in covering atrocity crimes trials, and has authored several manuals guiding journalists and monitors in their work. She's also the vice president of the Association of Journalists at the ICC. Together with JusticeInfo colleague Stephanie van den Berg, she co-hosts Asymmetrical Haircuts: a podcast offering a sideways look at international justice, interviewing mainly female experts in their fields.

Nicaragua extends the legal battle over Palestine

On April 8-9, the International Court of Justice heard Nicaragua’s lawyers arguing that Germany was violating the Genocide Convention by continuing to supply arms to Israel. This legal action follows South Africa’s against Israel before the same court early this year. The claim may not succeed. But it gives a new dimension to the use […]
By Janet H. Anderson (our correspondent in The Hague)
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