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The Massaquoi Affair: the Finnish model put to the test

In February, a Finnish court began the trial of Gibril Massaquoi, a former commander and spokesman for the Sierra Leonean rebellion, accused of crimes against humanity committed in Liberia twenty years ago. However, the Finnish method profoundly disrupts the traditional way of exercising universal jurisdiction. The court decided to relocate to Liberia and then to Sierra Leone to hear most of the witnesses. The model is attractive, but does it meet the expectations it has raised and is it easily replicable? The evidence provided to date in the case also raises many questions. Justice Info offers exclusive coverage of this symbolic and unusual trial.

In new twist, Massaquoi trial to return to Liberia
There is a new twist in the trial of former Sierra Leonean rebel commander Gibril Massaquoi. The Finnish court that is trying him plans to return to Liberia to hold new hearings, provided Liberian authorities agree. According to the prosecution, Massaquoi may have been able to evade the surveillance of a UN tribunal to commit […]
By Thierry Cruvellier, JusticeInfo.net
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Massaquoi trial in Liberia
Illustration : © Leslie Lummeh for JusticeInfo.net