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Hour of reckoning for colonial crimes

The colonial past has come back into the spotlight. Descendants of the colonized are demanding reparations. Former colonial powers, as if suddenly waking up, under pressure from changing power relations, are finally showing some willingness to "repair" this past, with measures like returning cultural heritage, official apologies and truth commissions. With an exclusive world map, an in-depth interview, analyses, reports and opeds, Justice Info asks: Will the tools of transitional justice be able to deal with these colonial crimes?

Belgian colonial past: Commission fails on apology to victims
The commission on Belgium's colonial past was a pioneer in Europe, but it collapsed at the finish line at the end of December, stripped of all its well formulated recommendations. After two and a half years of looking into the past, there was no political consensus to apologize to the victims.
By Gaëlle Ponselet, our correspondent in Brussels
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Illustration : © Léa Djeziri for JusticeInfo.net