Mustapha K. Darboe

The Gambia

Mustapha K. Darboe has been the correspondent of JusticeInfo.Net in The Gambia since January 2019. He is a journalist with the country’s second largest online platform, Kerr Fatou. A four-time national journalism awards winner, Mustapha is currently the vice-president of the Gambia Press Union, and the correspondent in Banjul for the Turkey News Agency (Anadolu Agency). He is a passionate blogger and in 2018 he has authored an e-book, "Playbook of a Tyrant", inspired by the 22-year dictatorship under former president Yahya Jammeh.

Gambia: When “legal junglers” defend their role under military rule
The Yahya Jammeh regime relied on lawyers to draft and enact decrees that got rid of fundamental human rights. Some of them, including the first Minister of Justice under the military junta, were called to testify before Gambia’s Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission. They essentially avoided to take personal responsibility.
By Mustapha K. Darboe, our correspondent in Banjul
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