Olfa Belhassine


Olfa Belhassine has been a correspondent in Tunisia for JusticeInfo.net since 2015. After the 2011 Revolution, she published articles about her experience as a journalist during and after the fall of President Ben Ali. Her reports appeared in French newspapers Libération, Le Monde and Courrier International. In 2016, she was the co-author with Hedia Baraket of an investigative book on the transition in Tunisia, "Ces nouveaux mots qui font la Tunisie » (The New Words that Make Tunisia).

Attacks resume against Tunisia’s Truth Commission

The former president of the UN-backed Truth and Dignity Commission, Sihem Bensedrine, on January 12 responded to the Tunisian government's latest accusations of "falsification". Attacks on the commission resumed immediately in media sympathetic to the former Ben Ali regime. This comes after Tunisia was ordered at the end of December to pay financial reparations in […]
By Olfa Belhassine (our correspondent in Tunisia)
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